Welcome to UNIK vokalakademi

My name is Guro Høimyr, and I am a vocal mentor and singer. I strongly believe that everyone can be better at singing, with concrete tools and by practicing. I am an Authorized Teacher of Complete Vocal Technique (CVT). I teach singers, actors and people that use their voice much in their professional life. Whilst you bring the songs/materials you want to work on to the lessons, I will give you concrete tools to improve your singing in the way you want to sound. I teach everyone regardless of musical style and level of singing. Both beginners and professionals are warmly welcome.

I have long experience as a performer. I sing mainly pop, musicals and jazz. I have been working both as a soloist and as a backing singer. I also write my own songs, and perform at small and big events. I used to believe that my own voice was limited and that I could not reach those high, powerful notes such as Tina Turner and Whitney Houston were singing. After discovering CVT, my vocal world has changed dramatically. I am now able to sing in ways I never thought I could! This encouraged me to start my education to become an authorized teacher of CVT. Besides, I hold a MA in Music Therapy, which also benefits my abilities as a vocal coach.

CVT is a wonderful method that is helping singers all over the world to overcome vocal issues and to explore all the opportunities that exists within every voice. In CVT, we welcome all sounds, even the rougher rock effects, since we know that it is possible to produce all human sounds in a healthy way. No more unintentional hoarseness! The CVT-method is based on thoroughly anatomical, physiological and pedagogical research by singers, vocal coaches and ENT-doctors at Complete Vocal Institute in Denmark.

I teach in Oslo, but also via Zoom (recommended)/FaceTime/Skype if you live somewhere else. From time to time I also do workshops in English, both in Norway and abroad. 

Prices solo lessons: (in NOK)

  • Drop in lesson (50 min): 850,-
    15 % student discount

Package deals:

  • 10 x 50 min: 7200- (valid for 6 months)

  • 5 x 50 min: 3800,- (valid for 3 months)

    10 % student discount.

    You may book your appointments in my online booking calendar. Package deals and gift cards are avaliable in my webshop.